Why Olea Cyprus


Mersinlik Picnic
AreaAlanici picnic area
Topçuköy Picnic Area
Iskele Municipality Picnic Area
Alevkayali Picnic Area
Solar Picnic Area
Beşparmak Viewpoint

İskele Long Beach
Esentepe Beach
Kaplıca Beach
Karineum Beach

Official Institutions

Zoning Works
Construction License
Tax Transactions
Business License

Koop Bank
Kıbrıs Vakıflar Bankası LTD
Türkiye İş Bankası
Gecitkale Post Office

Culture and Nature

Fig Cave
Church of Archangel Michael
Church of Antiphonitis
Salamis Ancient City
St Barnabas Monastery and Icon Museum
Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque
Kantara Castle

Beşparmak Viewpoint

Unique Places


Mersinlik Picnic Area

Mersinlik Picnic Area, located in Northern Cyprus, is the perfect option for those who want to spend a relaxing day outside. The area has a beautiful natural environment, affordable food and drink, outdoor activities and fun playgrounds.

İncirli Cave

Incirli Cave in Northern Cyprus is a famous tourist spot with its magnificent natural formations and rich cultural history. The cave is known for complex geological formations such as high stalactites and fine stalactites.

Long Beach

Iskele’s Long Beach certainly lives up to its name, as the long stretch of soft sand winds its way through clear blue waters for several kilometers. The perfect place to spend a nice day at the beach with palm trees and sun loungers, Long Beach is one of its most popular beaches. For those who like to walk, there is a walking path lined with palm trees. While your child can enjoy the day on the beach, there are also playgrounds.

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