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What is Cittaslow?

Cittaslow cities are cities that have managed to maintain their existence in their original form in the developing and changing world with their history, nature, culture and traditions. Cittaslow cities continue to exist in sustainable nature and culture, while receiving international support for the preservation of their distinctive features in the world, which is starting to become uniform.

Living in the Calm City means having a cleaner environment, eating healthy foods and taking part in a rich social life that respects the values of tradition and is open to other cultures.

Northern Cyprus is a member country of this organization and the cities of Lefke, Tatlısu, Geçitkale, Yeniboğaziçi and Mehmetçik located in the Karpaz region have been officially designated as Calm City and all these cities represent this emerging culture, as well as different cities throughout the year that reveal the Calm City lifestyle with all its features. they host events.

In the Cittaslow statement, “We are the old cities where people are overflowing with theaters, squares, cafes, workshops, restaurants and spiritual places, and cities where people still wonder about the old times; We are looking for cities with untouched landscapes and fascinating tradesmen, where the slow flow of the seasons and their real products that respect tastes, health and sincere traditions can be recognized.

For curious travelers, these cities are well worth visiting and attending one of the activities that will provide a very enjoyable experience.

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